Bilqis Prasista The Badminton Rising Star From Indonesia in the Uber Cup 2022 

Proud came from representatives of Indonesia, Bilqis Prasista. She is a badminton player in the women’s singles category, managed to make an achievement in the group stage A Uber Cup 2022. Furthermore, Bilqis managed to beat Akane Yamaguchi, who is Japan’s representative with the status of World’s top ranking. 

Bilqis is literally not the top figure in this competition. But he managed to appear sensational and give a surprise in the Uber Cup 2022 match in Thailand. Bilqis previously ranked 332 in BWF (updated May 3, 2022) and defeated Akane Yamaguchi who was ranked 1st in the women’s singles category. 

The additional points that contributed to the Indonesian team that deserve the standing applause. Her strategy of trapping Akane through a dropshot was extraordinary. Her flat expression was also seen when the last-minute moment of closed the match. 

This 19-year old girl slickly beat Akane with a score of 21-19, 21-19. The match which took place at the Impact Arena, Thailand on Wednesday (May 11, 2022) was shocked by Bilqis’s action which made Akane stumble. 

Badminton is in Bilqis’ DNA Already 

Another interesting facts were found from Bilqis Prasista family. Apparently, Bilqis is from Magelang, Indonesia and she is the daughter of the Indonesian badminton couple, Joko Suprianto and Zelin Resiana. 

Evidently, Bilqis has badminton talent in her DNA. Her father, Joko Supriyanto, was a badminton player in the 90s. Joko Supriyanto was also recorded as the World Champion in 1993 in the men’s singles number. 

Meanwhile, her mother Zelin Resiana was reportedly also active in the 90s. Joined the Indonesian women’s team that year and successfully won the Uber Cup twice, 1994 and 1996. 

After his parents who had a dominant influence on her love for the badminton. Bilqis turns out to have a twin sister who also joined the 2018 PB Djarum Club. Her sister’s name is Bilqis Pratista. 

For now, Bilqis Prasista has successfully penetrated the PBSI National Training Center in Indonesia. Bilqis has also been with PBSI for two years since 2020. PBSI is Badminton Association in Indonesia. However, She has succeeded in stealing attention when she won several prestigious competitions. 

Let’s take a look at some of the achievements that have been made by Bilqis Prasista. Here are some of the championship that made herself shifting into rising star; The Jakarta Junior International Series 2019 (U17) Champion, Juara Tunggal Remaja Putri Djarum Sirnas Sumatera Selatan Open 2019, Junior International Series 2021 at Bangladesh, then Runner Up in Denmark Junior. 

Don’t forget the latest achievement that involved her name in the Badminton, which she was being part of the Indonesian team that won the BATC match in Malaysia on 15-20 February 2022. 

However, it did not take long for Bilqis to make another achievement. This year, Bilqis continues to be part of Indonesia Team at the BWF Thomas and Uber Cup 2022 in Thailand. She managed to bring down her opponents and became Indonesia’s new hope in the women’s singles category. 

Surprisingly, Bilqis sits at the number of 300 and has managed to beat down the world number done badminton player for the 2022 Uber Cup, Akane Yamaguchi. 

From this match, it can be seen that Bilqis was able to rise and continue to collect points until they were able to equalize to 14-14. 

Akane actually had a chance to win, but Bilqis’ spirit was fiery. Akane had equalized to 18-18. Luckily, Bilqis’ struggle at the crucial point yielded sweet and great results. She saved two points which made the match end in victory of Indonesia 21-19. 

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